The Wild Tale Of Sean Astin’s Paternity And How He Discovered Out Who His Organic Father Is

Sean Astin is one in every of Hollywood’s extra drama-free celebrities, however the actor’s beginning was once anything else however! Astin had slightly of a wild journey when it got here to finding out who his organic father actually was once. Thankfully, it ended neatly.

Patty Duke’s Relationships With 3 Other Males

Astin was once born in 1971 to actress Patty Duke. On the time of Astin’s conception, she was once concerned with 3 other males—actors Desi Arnaz Jr. and John Astin, in addition to rock promoter Michael Inform. 

When she realized she was once pregnant, Duke married Inform, however the marriage lasted simply 13 days. Astin was once born seven months after the marriage was once annulled. Duke claimed her dating with Inform was once by no means consummated and maintained that John Astin was once her son’s father. In 1972, she and John wed. They divorced in 1985. 

How Astin Discovered Out Who His Father In point of fact Was once

Duke spent years naming John Astin as her son’s father, however quickly modified her tale. When Sean was once 14 years outdated, Duke advised him Arnaz was once in reality his father. Sean and Arnaz went directly to shape a dating, however additional headaches arose when a 20-something Sean met one in every of Inform’s family. 

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The relative spotted a similarity between Inform and Astin and recommended the 2 may well be similar. Sean made up our minds to after all get some solutions, and underwent genetic trying out. The consequences? Inform was once his organic father. 

He’s Shut To All 3 Males, Plus His Step-Father

Even supposing Sean Astin now is aware of who his organic father is, he nonetheless maintains shut relationships with all 3 males he noticed as his dad over time. In a 2004 interview, Astin spoke about his connections with Inform, John Astin, and Arnaz. 

“Desi Arnaz Jr. loves me and I really like him. We’re so shut,” he shared. “Science tells me…that he’s no longer my organic father. Science tells me that Michael Inform is.” Sean additionally mentioned he considers John Astin his father as a result of he was once raised through him. 

The actor is shut with all 3 males, in addition to his step-father, Mike Pearce, who married Duke in 1986. “I will be able to name any of them at the telephone any time I wish to,” Sean defined. “John, Desi, Mike, or Papa Mike…my 4 dads.”

Duke disagrees with the genetic exams that state Inform is her son’s father; as an alternative, she prefers to imagine that Arnaz is. The pair have agreed to disagree and stay shut as of late. Sean Astin’s adventure of finding who his organic dad actually is was once beautiful difficult, however it sort of feels just like the actor is completely satisfied together with his 4 well-known fathers.

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