Love and Thunder’ Weapon Ended Up

Where did Thunderbolt end up?

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Whilst Thor definitely wasn’t making plans on including a 3rd weapon to his arsenal all through the occasions of Thor: Love and Thunder, Zeus being slightly of a stick within the dust all through the Asgardians’ consult with to Omnipotence Town ended in Valkyrie nicking the Olympian God’s signature weapon, Thunderbolt.

Serendipitously, the weapon ended up coming in to hand all through Thor’s ultimate showdown with Gorr, with Jane Foster wielding Mjölnir to keep her lifestyles and with Stormbreaker within the God butcher’s ownership. But if that was once in every single place and completed with, the place did Thunderbolt finally end up? 

This has change into the purpose of a Reddit dialogue began by way of u/greppoboy, because the movie left the destiny of the weapon relatively within the air.

There are a couple of prevailing theories lovers are jointly corroborating, the primary being that Valkyrie hung directly to the weapon and taken it along with her to New Asgard, which the movie seems to indicate however by no means states outright. 

There’s every other camp which is considering the weapon can have been returned to Omnipotence Town and its Olympian homeowners. As this commenter issues out, Thor did say he’d go back the weapon finally. Taking into consideration Thor’s a standup man, it might not be too far-fetched to subscribe to this. 

There’s a 3rd and fully detached camp, a few of that are feeling utterly let down by way of the movie, or simply on Reddit for a great time and no longer a productive time. 

Cheeky digressions apart, the existing interpretation at this level seems to be that Thunderbolt is recently in Valkyrie’s ownership. It’s surely that Zeus isn’t too extremely joyful about that, or on the very least by way of the truth that Thor were given one over on him, as observed within the motion pictures post-credits scene introducing Brett Goldstein of Ted Lasso repute because the God of Lightning’s son, Hercules. 

Goldstein took out back-to-back Emmys for his position as Roy Kent within the Apple TV authentic. He additionally not too long ago unfolded about how he scored his role in the MCU

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