Hackaday Prize 2022: Sun Powered LoRa Climate Station For The Lots

[Debasish Dutta] has designed a couple of climate stations previously, and this, the fourth version of the system has had most of the function requests from previous customers rolled in. The station is meant for use with an exterior climate sensor unit, equipped by means of Sparkfun. This handles wind pace and route, in addition to measuring rainfall. A customized PCB hosts an ESP32-WROOM module and an Ai-Philosopher Ra-02 LoRa module for keep watch over and connectivity respectively. A PMS5003 sits at the PCB to measure the ones particulate densities, however maximum sensors are attached with easy 4-way I2C connectors. Temperature, humidity, and force are treated by means of a BME280 module, UV Index (SI1145), visual gentle (BH1750) even soil humidity and temperature with a cable-mounted SHT10 module.

All that is powered by means of a sun panel, which fees a 18650 mobile, and helps to keep the display working right through the darker hours. For debugging and deployment, a USB-C energy port can be used to supply rate. A 3D printed Stevenson screen sort enclosure permits the air to flow into among the PCB-mounted sensor modules, with out with a bit of luck an excessive amount of moisture making it in there to purpose mischief.

At the knowledge assortment and visualization aspect, a spouse LoRa receiver module is in growth, which is meant to go alongside measurements to a number of products and services. Assume House Assistant, ESP house, and that roughly factor. Device remains to be a piece in growth, so perhaps test again later to peer how [Debasish] is getting on with that?

This sort of multi-sensor internet hosting mission is not anything new right here, right here’s a 2019 Hackaday prize entry along the same lines. After all, amassing and logging size knowledge is best a part of the issue, visualization of the ones measurements could also be essential. Why no longer use a mechanical approach, such as a diorama?

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