Do Revenge At the back of The Scenes With Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

NOW: The soundtrack and tune in Do Revenge are superb and make the film really feel like a throwback to the vintage ’90s teenager films everybody loves. How was once it opting for the tune for the movie?

So, Este [Haim] and Amanda [Yamate] scored the movie, and dealing with them was once superior. We would have liked one thing that felt find it irresistible may just are living inside of the entire needle drops, which there are lots of. That baseline, that superior Drea and Eleanor-themed baseline, it is so just right. Having an Este Haim baseline on your movie because the rating? Like, iconic.

At the soundtrack facet, I labored with Rob Lowry, who is our tune manager, and it was once superb. I keep in mind rising up and going to love Barnes & Noble or Very best Purchase and purchasing the CDs of the soundtracks to iconic teenager films, and I sought after that feeling. I sought after the sensation of, like, ripping off the plastic of a CD and devouring each track. I sought after Do Revenge to really feel like that.

Having Muna and Billie Eilish on one movie soundtrack is beautiful outstanding. You nailed it.

Thanks! I used to be actually loopy concerning the songs. I used to be like, each track needs to be best and each track needs to be extra best than the closing track. I actually sought after each second within the film to be like, “Oh my god! This?! Oh my god! THIS?! No, that is my favourite! No, THIS is my favourite!” If this is how folks really feel, then I have executed my task.

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