Sooner than Filming “Blonde,” Ana De Armas Requested Marilyn Monroe’s Approval By way of Leaving A Letter On Her Grave

The brand new movie, which stars de Armas, 34, as Monroe, who died in 1962 on the age of 36, premieres on Netflix this Friday and is in response to a piece of fiction. The actress informed AnOther mag that at the first day of filming for Blonde , she went to Westwood Village Memorial Park and laid a handwritten letter on Marilyn Monroe’s grave.

The entire staff contributed to a big card through which all of us despatched our very best needs to her. We took it to the cemetery, she added and positioned it over her grave. In a way, we have been in quest of approval. All of us felt a huge weight of accountability, and all of us knew which facet of the tale we have been going to give when it got here to the lifetime of Norma Jeane, the real-life inspiration for Marilyn Monroe. When pressed, she would no longer disclose her true id.

The debatable NC-17 movie, in response to Joyce Carol Oates’s 2000 novel of the similar identify, has been criticized for its fictionalized portrayal of Monroe. De Armas defended the completed end result, noting that director Andrew Dominik used to be planned from the beginning.

The instant I met Andrew, I had whole self belief that he would take care of her. In step with de Armas, the movie is unapologetic, courageous, and feminist as it explores subjects such because the abortion’s perspective, a depressed mom and the way a kid copes with that, the need of these kind of males over Marilyn, the way in which they take a look at her like meat like a room-service supply, and, sure, the way in which she permits herself to fall in love and be disillusioned once more.

Andrew does not shy clear of appearing his struggling, his nakedness, and his vulnerability. Other folks stay announcing to me, “Oh my god, this scene is just too lengthy!” And I feel, Neatly, completely, and now you’ll most certainly know how she felt.


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